When you need to move trees,
you turn to the pros.

When the pros need
a Truck Spade,
they turn to Dutchman.

It’s rugged. It’s compact.
It’s powerful.
It’s quality that can’t be beat.

It is the Dutchman Truck Spade.
Dutchman Industries

Cold Formed Blades

Dutchman Tree Spade Blades are formed without heat: no heat equals no loss of tempered strength.

The Blades are mounted to a slider box that is supported by and runs on the frame itself, for better alignment.

Combined, these features ensure the blades resist deflection while digging and are highly durable.

A Dutchman Truck Spade will dig a perfect rootball every time: whether it is the first, tenth or thousandth tree.

Frame & Towers

Compact multi-stage cylinders allow the towers of Dutchman Curved-blade Spades to be shorter. Dutchman towers are little taller than the blade themselves and by far the shortest in the industry.

The base of the frame is wider and more open, allowing for easier alignment and wrapping around the tree.

More clearance, less chance of damaging the trees; only with Dutchman.

Hydraulic Power

The best blades in the business are only as good as the hydraulics behind them, and here Dutchman delivers again.

Using custom multi-stage cylinders and Dutchman’s tried and tested electronic controls, Dutchman Truck Spades push up to 500 more PSI than the competition.

That’s more power, efficiently digging tough blades into even the hardest soils.

Perfect Design

Nothing says professional like the look of a brand new Dutchman Truck Spade, but the clean straightforward appearance isn’t just about looking ready for business.
The shorter squared-off towers and absence of external ribbing present fewer opportunities to snag branches.

It’s not about elegance: it’s about getting the job done right.