I am a graduate of Durham College's Contemporary Web Design program. Programming and coding are my focus, but I also enjoy bringing imagination to life: both in the realm of web design and development and in my free time. I go beyond static design and brain-dead programming coding to create something special. In a team I share my knowledge and expertise with others, tutoring and learning from them.

I am knowledgeable and proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and all aspects of graphic design supporting web development. As well, I have experience working with CMS solutions such as Joomla, JQuery and other advanced Javascript frameworks, and audio/visual integration. No new technology or innovation holds me back!

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In my spare time, I enjoy playing and creating strategy games. Anything that requires thought and planning interests me. As well, I play in the North Durham Concert Band and perform major concerts twice a year, as well as parades and the Sunderland music festival. Any time I can't think, strategise or create feels wasteful.

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Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry

The client required a website viewable on many platforms and devices, with a clean modern design. Integrated into the design were hints of real 'vintage'-style framed pictures, inter-meshed with the digital elements to create an attractive whole.

Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry website

The website is built from the ground up to be fully responsive. It scales to any size of display and remains functional and elegant at all points.

Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry photo gallery

The photo gallery is automatically generated using the Zenphoto content management system. This allows the client to quickly and easily update the gallery by themselves, without advanced technical knowledge.

Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry website content
North Durham Concert Band

The design for the North Durham Concert Band website needed to pleasant and easy to use from the first glance. A parchment and sheet-music are both thematically appropriate and light colours contrast well with dark text, highlights and visual dividers.

North Durham Concert Band website content

The site is fully responsive and collapses down to a small but easily read form on even the smallest device's screen.

North Durham Concert Band website mobile menu North Durham Concert Band website content
Dutchman Industries

One of my first objectives at Dutchman Industries was a complete overhaul of the company website. The previous site was non-responsive, static and complete obsolete. The new website I created is fully responsive and built on the Joomla CMS platform. A custom template was created from scratch to implement the design. The site utilizes many plug-ins (such as K2 for content) to support and enhance the functionality.

The separate Dutchman Truck Spade site was similarly in dire need of an update. The new site compliments the main Dutchman Industries site by offering an attractive showcase of the Truck Spade line, compared to the detailed informational page on the main site. Narrower in focus and scope, it brings big visuals to desktop and tablet devices.

Other work include making various print and online brochures and advertisements for the company's products, updating product manuals, and editing and posting videos of the products in action. A new intro for Dutchman videos was created in Adobe After Effects, which I learned how to use for this task. I later expanded on the skills learned there to create the channel trailer for the company YouTube channel.

sample ad for Dutchman Industries tree tyer

What could you accomplish in 10 hours? Could you complete a project to simultaneously beat the clock and stand the test of time?

10 Hour Sites are challenges I set for myself to hone my skills, explore new techniques, and highlight my abilities. Each one has a specific goal, which must be completed in 10 hours or less. The various 10 Hour Sites are displayed on their own dedicated page, which is itself the first 10 Hour Site.

Port Perry 150th Flag Port Perry 150th Banner

Ahead of the 150th anniversary celebrations, Port Perry put out a call for local artists to design a flag and banner for the town. I created this submission in Adobe Illustrator, based on the view of the waterfront from Queen St.