I had Erin do makeup for myself and my bridesmaids for my wedding. I could not have been happier. She provided a very detailed and fun consultation a few weeks before the big day to be sure that she knew exactly what I was looking for. I was thrilled with her work. I would highly recommend Erin for your next event; big or small.

Stephanie Ott, Bride

The word 'artist' is not stated lightly, as Erin works so thoughtfully and creatively on her craft. As if it wasn't enough to demonstrate artistic talent and craft when applying makeup to my legs transforming them into the new 'sexy and sensual' woman, she added her unique personality to the mix. Erin made me feel comfortable right from the get-go! She listened! She paid attention to my ultimate goal and provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience! I highly recommend Erin as a make-up artist who knows how to respond to each person's individual beauty needs. Thank you Erin!

Jane Kiyonaga, Client

I have had the opportunity to have Erin do my makeup on a few occasions. She is very skilled and professional. I appreciated that she was very receptive on just how "made up" I wanted to be by not overdoing anything. Not only is Erin very talented, she has a lovely, fun personality, which made the whole experience very enjoyable!

Sandi Bierema, Client

I have been working with Erin for 4 years now. Erin is an extremely hard worker, with a calm demeanor, and a continuous smile. Erin has arrived early to all of our appointments and shown continuous dedication to both my hair and make-up. Her energy and her passion thrive throughout the long working days. As a makeup artist, Erin shows exemplar technical expertise in her field, and an up-to-date knowledge of current fashion and makeup trends. I work exclusively with Erin because she is a truly lovely person but most of all, because of her talent to make me feel magnificent and look beautiful for all my special occasions.

Alyssa Ogilvie, Client

As a bride, Erin made the day very easy for me. She created a relaxed atmosphere, made it very fun, and did an amazing job! I would recommend Erin to anyone who has make-up needs. Her personality is positive and engaging, and you know you are in good hands. Thank you Erin!

Kristin B, Bride

I have been working with Erin for 3 years now and every experience has been a great one. I have been her photographer as well as her model and I find her to be extremely professional and her talent amazing. I love working with Erin and I hope we can colloborate more in the future.

Asia Krol, Photographer